Working with ASAP the client will have flexibility to define the length of the trial period of the Employee and will not be charged for conversion fees

Tools and Benefits

Through personalized attention and customized service, we align our client’s needs with the most qualified candidate, creating a strong synergy that results in a successful and long term work-relationship.

Our Specialty:

Delivering a competitive advantage by professionals that timely provide just top talent

Our business model is focused on quality, not quantity.


  • No up-front costs.
  • Effective for high-volume, high-impact or specialized position requirements.
  • Provides the flexibility to scale up or down when required.
  • Higher flexibility in workforce and payroll management
  • Excellent partner for outsourcing your recruitment process, from sourcing to onboarding and deployment/outplacement.
  • Quick response to your specialized needs.
  • Reduce your recruitment and screening costs. More time to focus on your HR strategy.
  • Access to qualified candidates.
  • Customized service for contract and direct hire personnel.
  • Effective recruitment methods with in-depth local knowledge.

ASAP Timesheets

ASAP Timesheets


For Clients:

  1. Login from anywhere in the world using any device with internet connection
  2. Review, Approve or Disapprove Assigned Employees timesheets with two-clicks
  3. Track prior timesheets and old data
  4. Give and limit access to other team members (Acct. Payable, HR, etc.)
  5. Obtain worked-time reports for individual employees, teams or departments on CSV, PDF or TXT formats

Adapting to clients’ busy and complex agendas and understanding that learning a New System to control team’s worked hours is not an option; ASAP brings ASAP Timesheet an intuitive, friendly two-click process saving time and headaches through the most innovative Time Management Tool available.

Assisting clients needs of Data and Budget Control Tools, ASAP Timesheets allow managers and authorized users to obtain CSV, TXT or PDF reports to easily input in any CRM, ERP.

For Assigned Employees:

  1. Login from anywhere in the world using any device with internet connection
  2. Add, Review, Manage and Submit worked time (timesheets) through the simplest on-line process available
  3. Track prior timesheets and check approval status
  4. Request Personal Time Off (PTO) on-line
  5. Up-date payroll, banking and TAX information on-line
  6. Retrieve paystubs & W-2

Understanding the fast moving dynamics and need of a simple system for assigned employees to manage time and worked hours, ASAP brings ASAP Timesheets a friendly easy to use system to quickly report timesheets and keep focus and energy towards the assignment.

Making life easy ASAP Timesheets enables every assigned employee to verify timesheet’s approval status, prior reported time, retrieve paystubs anytime and w-2s anytime from anywhere through a smartphone, tablet or computer connected to the internet.