Working with ASAP the client will have flexibility to define the length of the trial period of the Employee and will not be charged for conversion fees

Recruiting Process

The ASAP Team will be you strategic ally during the recruiting process. Assuring every step until the employee is placed are done effectively and complying with the required time frame.

The first step of the process is sourcing the candidate for the job. The recruiters at ASAP will conduct a search for a candidate that has the skills necessary to not only fulfill the job but be of value to the company as well.

The Screening process will be the second part of the process calling the candidate and going over the experience, skills, personality and expectations. After the screening, this person will come in for an in-house interviews where ASAP recruiters will conduct a face to face detailed interview.

A series of reference checks will be conducted to make sure the candidate skills and recommendations are verified. After conducting reference checks and being approved, the recruiter will decide if this person will be presented to the client. A series of interviews will be conducted by the client in which testing and other sorts of processes will be conducted depending on client as well as position.

After these steps are completed the candidate will be placed depending on the clients needs being: Temporary to Permanent Assignment, Temporary or Direct Hire.