Working with ASAP the client will have flexibility to define the length of the trial period of the Employee and will not be charged for conversion fees

Direct Hire

ASAP’s unique “Know Your Client” approach enables our Account Executives to deeply understand the client’s needs. From the required skills to management styles, and personalities, including corporate culture, team involvement and short, medium and long-term goals for the role and the organization.

This advanced methodology ensures better placements by allowing ASAP’s Executives to identify top talent that not only meet client’s requirements but also embrace the client’s vision and mission thus creating better employment synergies that empower and elevate the motivation on the new hires.

This solution allows our clients to save resource time in the recruiting and hiring process. ASAP takes care of all  the placement details.

Once final selection is made, candidates will begin directly on the employer’s payroll. ASAP charges a recruiting fee for services. The client is billed upon successful hire, backed-up by our guarantee.

Confidentiality is one of the ASAP Team best values and is applied soberly throughout the searches and recruitment process. This way, offering to arrange interviews at its premises to preserve confidentiality in the client’s office environment.

Key Benefits:

  • Save time, cutting recruiting expenses
  • Save resources, in time and money
  • Focus on core functions
  • Gives access to a larger and specialized pool of candidates
  • Simplify the recruiting process