Working with ASAP the client will have flexibility to define the length of the trial period of the Employee and will not be charged for conversion fees

Contract Staffing

Most companies do not find it effective to put their resources into hiring short term employees, whether it is to cover a sick leave or short term project.  These instances often require fast efficient action that cannot be accomplished by the company’s in house recruiters.

ASAP has the resources and data base necessary to provide fast effectual service to ensure the client’s needs are competently met.

When time allows a hiring manager to vet candidates through interviews, the hiring manager will tell ASAP which candidate it would like to engage, ASAP will then ensure that the candidate is agreeable to the terms of the contract, and deploy that person as their employee to work for the ASAP client for the time required.

As this is an ASAP employee our client need not worry about things like payroll taxes, deductions for cpp or employment insurance, healthcare, and other benefits. As these are all handled by ASAP.

Since these are ASAP employees our client’s insurance premiums WCB premiums and Employment Insurance rates will not be affected by contract staff (short or long term).

Key Benefits:

  • Effective use of resources,
  • Save company time and money
  • Focus on core functions
  • Manage a flexible workforce
  • Minimize liabilities
  • Evaluate the benefits and added value while getting the job done

Contract to Permanent Staffing

Sometimes it benefits companies to hire an employee as a contractor and later convert that employee to permanent staff. This can be of great benefit for a few reasons;

  1. Try before you buy!

This is a strategy to allow a company to know everything about an employee, competence of skill sets and fit within a team before making them a permanent staff member

2. We want to keep them!

When a company takes on a contract employee for a limited time and scope then later see great value in that employee as a member of their staff this option can allow them to convert that employee effectively.

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